Going Live on a new system can be stressful, especially getting used to new systems, so preparing for your Go Live is a great way to make the transition smooth and minimise any stress.

  1. Visit www.stripe.com and register for an account.  Payments from your customers will be paid using this payment provider who will then deposit the funds into your bank account.
  2. You will need to make sure you have either a mobile phone, ipad or tablet device to download our app.  Ideally these should be Wifi enabled as well as have a mobile sim capability.   This will allow you to receive orders regardless if one form of internet doesn’t work for whatever reason.
  3. If you are looking for a printer to use with this you can either use an existing Bluetooth enable receipt printer, or purchase one.  Our software supports any BT Thermal Printer which support ESC/POS command.  The one used in the video can be found here.
  4. Download our mobile app using the links found on this website
  5. Click on ‘Profile’ (5th icon on the bottom), ‘Settings’, ‘Printers’, ‘Settings’, Click on the plus
    1. Set Name to ‘Printer’
    2. Click on ‘Search’
    3. You should see your Bluetooth printer, click on this
    4. If you want orders to automatically print, tick the ‘Auto Print’ box.  If you don’t do this you will need to manually print orders.
    5. Click ‘Print Test’ and you should get a dummy order.

Once you have been advised that your menu has been uploaded you should then proceed to check the following;

  1. Open up the merchant app on your device
  2. Login using the username/password given to you
  3. Click on ‘Info’ and check your details are correct
  4. Click on ‘Settings’ and check everything is correct
  5. Click on’Opening’ and check everything is correct
  6. Check that the menu looks correct and displays the right prices as well as sub menu items.
    1. Go to www.takeawayheros.co.uk, click on restaurant name and type your name to locate your menu to check
    2. If you have a custom app open this to check that everything looks correct
    3. Open up the merchant app, click on ‘Category’ to check your categories are correct.  Then click on ‘Items’ to check your food is correct.

Preparing for Go Live