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Why Takeaway Heroes?

See how much you can save

No Commission or Hidden Charges

Takeaway Revolution is redefining the food ordering industry by providing you with a zero commission platform which is more powerful than Just-Eat, cheaper than Food Hub and provide the delivery functionality of Uber-Eats and Deliveroo.  With a zero commission platform we can literally save you thousands, and for customers using FoodHub we are half the price, and provide better functionality.  If you are looking for a platform that redefines the food industry, you’ve found it!

We help you get more customers

Our business is to ensure that your business succeeds and our marketing strategy will help you to grow by over 30%. Our marketing strategy also combines educating your customers so that they are aware of the cost of our competitors such as Just Eat and steer to a more cost saving platform that supports you.  Customers that we have spoken to want to support their local businesses, and have a drive to improve their area. using our strategy we can help you to finally make the move, and increase your sales.

In addition to this, customers order through our platform can enter for free into our weekly prize draws which means by ordering their food from you, they could when there next meal for free.

We do all the marketing

Unlike other local competitors such as the Local Eats group, we provide all the marketing in the price.  In fact, we spend over 80% of our profit back into marketing.  Our unique systems monitors your performance on Takeaway Heroes, and for restaurants that need additional help to market, we will help you increase your sales.  Our marketing covers Radio, Local Press, Social Media plus lots more to ensure you get maximum exposure and increase your sales. Our main aim in business is to help you to grow, and together we can make a difference.

So next time someone tells you to put any money into advertising, stop and think what you are paying for?  Does just-eat or other platforms get you to do your own advertising? well why are you!  Let Takeaway Revolution do everything for you to grow your business.

We are local

Our business is all about making the lives of our customers and our area managers better.  As such each of our Area Managers run their own business and are local to you, they earn healthy commissions and are there to support you.  They are an independent sole trader and as such have an active interest in the area so they know what matters to you and your community.  As an Area Manager they also have an active voice in the business and acts as a voice for local businesses which helps us to understand what matters locally and how we can make our software better for you.

Unlike other competitors, who claim they are local, but have more than 50% of their funds leaving the area, we truly are local.  Over 80% of our profit goes back locally to market within your area.  In addition, as our platform is zero commission, more money stays locally in your business to help you build and grow your business.

Great Mobile Apps
All paid subscriptions come with a range of free mobile apps allowing you to run your business from any device. Receive orders direct to your mobile, send orders to your drivers and more.

Custom Mobile Apps

Our custom mobile applications are now available on Subscription and with no set up costs you can be up and running in as little as 2 weeks.  Mobile Applications are built and uploaded to both the Apple Store and Google Play Store so that your customers can easily download and start ordering within minutes.

Orders placed via your mobile application will be sent straight to your hungeroo merchant application allowing you to get live notifications and to be able to easily notify your customers to the status of their order.

Our custom mobile application is an ideal solution for takeaways who don’t want to compete with other restuarants and to be able to directly message your customers with ease and for free.

Contact us to discuss your mobile app